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Renesmee Carlie Cullen

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PostSubject: Written stories   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:42 pm

Pros and Cons of Air Travel

Air travel has become very popular in the last few decades. Air travel is convenient and safe and these are the main reasons that have contributed to the increase in popularity of air travel. The following are some of the positive and negative factors involving air travel.

Disadvantage: Airplanes Cause Pollution.

The major shortcoming of air travel is the pollution caused by it. Emission of greenhouse gases by the airplanes into our atmosphere results in things like global warming. Global warming increases the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and people who want to avoid such a rise in temperature are alarmed by this effect. In order to overcome this problem many airlines nowadays make efforts to become more environmental friendly. Many airlines take action for retrofitting winglet that is usually intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft thereby reducing greenhouse gas emission. In addition, most of the airlines have been modernizing their aircraft to more fuel efficient aircraft by spending a lot of money thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Disadvantage: High Cost

Another con that keeps people from traveling by air is cost. It is cheaper to fill up gas in your car and drive to your desired destination instead of going by flight. By flying on discount
airline it is possible to overcome this disadvantage of high cost. Ultimate decision for flying or driving is dependent on whether you get a good deal on the airfare or not.

Disadvantage: Fear of Flying

There are a number of people who just don’t want to fly. For anyone that has ever been on a flight that has experienced extreme turbulence or some type of other event it can be rather terrifying.

Advantage: Speed of Travel

One of the major advantages in air travel is that it is able to take you to any of the places where airports are available at a much faster rate than any other forms of transportation. Flying between two destinations in United States which are connected by air takes a few hours whereas going by car between these destinations might take a number of days. This gives you extra days for enjoying your vacations because you save a number of days by traveling by air.

Advantage: Easy to Travel Long Distances

Air travel also allows us to travel to faraway places that would otherwise be too difficult to travel to. Air travel to practically any destination in the world is possible. In the event of your opting for other modes of transportation you will find the travel time is quite long as compared to flying between these destinations.

Advantage: Safety

With regards to other forms of travel, air travel is considered to be one of the safest. Car accidents wherein people die happen in thousands every year. It is also not uncommon to read about train derailments as well. This is not to say that air accidents do not take place; however frequency of such accidents is very small. Many people decide to travel by air since they feel that it is safer to fly than going by other means of transport.

Choosing air travel is a personal decision, based on the factors discussed above along with a multitude factors not discussed here. For most travelers safety, speed of travel and cost are the over riding factors. As long as cost remains affordable air travel will continue to grow in popularity.


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Written stories
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