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The rules!
Rules are very important, if we want to work together, so watch out. (I'm gonna make it really short, so that it doesn't gets boring)

1. You should write in the past tense, because the book is also written in that form.

2. If you want to write something, what you spek, you should mark it with a sign. ("....."), so that everybody knows, that you're saying something.

3. If you want to chage the place for example you want to go to the Cullen's house, than you have write it like this:
- Cullen's house

4. At least you should write four sentences.

5. If you stay away for a longer time for example, if you are on holiday, just write me an e-mail or a PM. But if you don't write me that, you get deletet after two weeks.

6. If you write wrongs to somebody, than you get banned from the forum that day. (With writting wrongs I mean, if you write that to somebody. You can write bad things in the rpg, but they should be to the Charakters person, not to the person, who plays this charakter.)

If you stick to that rules, it's fine with me.
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The rules!
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