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Name: Renesmee Cullen

Nickname: Nes, Nessie

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: ?

Parents: Bella and Edward Cullen

Familie: Esme Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
Emmet Cullen
Rosalie Hale
Jasper Hale
Renée Dwyer
Alice Cullen
Charlie Swan


Child: N/A

Adress: Forks, Washington, USA

Changed by: birth

RP sample:
It wasn't exactly Nessie’s favorite part of her day but it was a necessary one, hunting. Of course Nessie still preferred the blood in a bottle she remembered from her early days she knew that she had to hunt and learn to handle the animal’s blood her family had chosen. Of course Jacob almost always came along and turned it into a game which made it more durable for Nessie. That was what she was waiting for now Jacob to hurry up and get here so they could go already. She knew he was most likely running patrol checking the area for humans or prey alike before setting out, he was protective of her like that. Sometimes it was annoying that he made her wait because her daddy could take care of that while they hunted and Jakey knew that he could do that Nessie heard him complain under his breath about it when he didn’t think she was listening. She paced impatiently around the room her steps more like a dance than a foot step and it was hard to believe that she was only five years old. Well physically anyways she was. Mentally she was much older and a whole lot smarter. While she waited she went and got changed into older clothes having not perfected the cleanly hunting like her parents did. She found some old jeans and a plain T-shirt knowing that Alice wouldn’t approve she hoped that Alice wouldn’t come until they were gone hunting. Taking her favorite hair-tie from its place around her wrist she put her long ringlets into a bun to keep them out of her way while she hunted. Though she loved her long bronze haired ringlets they were getting to long and no one would let her cut her hair even in the slightest. Every time she asked she got a dirty look from Aunt Alice and her mom said no. Jacob didn’t even want her to cut them and he always wanted her to have her way. Then again he loved running his hands through her hair and he did it without noticing that he did. She couldn’t wait until she was really older then she could do it herself once she learned how. Using the internet was simple enough and she had access to it. She even had her own email account and cell phone, not that she was ever very far from those who needed to call her. She wanted one and she got one a really cool one from Grandpa at her birthday a few months ago. She played with it now wanting to call Jacob but knew he wouldn’t answer her and if he did she wouldn’t understand it she didn’t speak wolf only English. Her mom and dad weren’t far away and if she wanted to she could ask them where Jacob was at if he was close enough her daddy could hear him but she was working on patience today and wasn’t going to ask him. “Don’t tell me where he is daddy” She said mentally knowing her dad was listening to her and wanting him to know that she didn’t want him to tell her.
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